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Exciting update: CVFP's Funding Contract extended to 2020!


Did You know?

CVFP is uniquely funded by the provinical government to deliver comprehensive primary care for you and your family. This funding is aimed to improve the health of our patients while reducing health care costs to tax payers.

It is called patient based funding where, instead of billing each time we see you, we are paid an annual fee for your care.

Normally our funding contract is renewed by the provinical government on an annual or bi-annual basis. We are pleased to share that our funding contract has been renewed for a three year term to March 31, 2020!

Why is this important?

To maintain the same level of care, attract and keep quality practitioners and continue to innovate - CVFP needs stable funding. This extension ensures good care for patients and families and continued value for the taxpayer!

How does our funding improve your care and reduce costs to tax payers?

We have created a medical home for our patients where you can access same-day care delivered by a team of health professionals that includes registered nurses, a dietitian, pharmacists, a nurse practitioner, psychologists, a chronic disease nurse, respiratory nurse educators and proactive care coordinators. In some cases you may not need an office visit because we also use tools like phone and email to work in partnership with our patients to ensure they get their health care needs met in a timely manner. By using this team, CVFP ensures that our patients are seen at the right time and right place with the right provider!

As a result of the improved access our patients have to their health care team at CVFP, based on 2016 data produced by the Health Quality Council of Alberta, our patients are seen in the emergency department 10% less often than the average Calgarian, and when admitted to hospital, the length of their stay is 40% shorter than the average Calgarian. This reduction of use of costly acute care or hospital services saves the province of Alberta approximately $5 - $6 million per year in health care costs!

Special Thanks to:

  • Minister of Health, Sarah Hoffman, Associate Minister of Health, Brandy Payne and Deputy Minister Dr. Carl Amrhein as well as officials at Alberta Health who have invested time to understand our model and support patient care through this contract extension.
  • Our incredible and dedicated staff who strive to make a caring and responsive Medical Home.
  • You...our patients are the best advocates for maintaining a quality Medical Home! -

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