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We must change the way we pay for healthcare. Your CVFP Health Team couldn't agree more...


A recent article appeared in the Toronto Star highlighting important changes needed in Canada to ensure our health dollars are invested to improve the health Canadians.

While not mentioned in this article - Alberta is innovating in the area of physician compensation. Crowfoot Village Family Practice has been proudly piloting a physician compensation model that improves health outcomes and reduces costly hospital visits for our patients since 1999.

Rather than billing for and receiving compensation each time we see patients in clinic, Alberta Health provides an annual fee for our patient's care for the year. This results in less frequent visits to our office (25% less than the provincial average). The engagement of a team of professionals in our patient's care including registered nurses, a nurse practitioner, chronic disease nurse, pharmacists, diabetic educators, respiratory educators and behavioral health consultants also plays an important role in the model of care.

According to data provided by the Health Quality Council of Alberta patients of CVFP are seen 11% less frequently in emergency than the average NW Calgarian and when admitted the CVFP patient's length of stay is 40% shorter than the average NW Calgarian.

This demonstrates improved health outcomes and a significant reduction in costly hospital services.

We must change the way we pay for our health care

Toronto Star

Sun Jun 4 2017

Page: A16

Section: Editorial

Byline: Alexis Wise

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