Patient Services

Patient Services

CVFP delivers care in a team-based model which includes empowering our staff to use their full scope of practice. Our team of registered nurses provide patient assessment, triage, and direct patient care. Other team members include a nurse practitioner, pharmacist, psychologist, respiratory and diabetes educators, and a dietician, all working on-site in a collaborative and efficient model.

Patient Services


Primary care refers to the services you receive for your basic, everyday health needs. It is your first point of contact within the health system and includes the initial care, treatment and follow-up of various health conditions, as well as referrals to the rest of the health system.

At Crowfoot Village Family Practice we are proud to provide primary care to our patients through a group of highly skilled interdisciplinary professionals working together with our physicians. As a patient of CVFP, you have access to a wide variety of team members who, led by your family doctor, can help you get the help you need and help you to make your own choices about managing your health.

Our team of dedicated staff which include our Medical office Assistants, Registered Nursing staff, Administrative Assistants and a specialized Registered Nurse who supports complex care planning for patients with conditions such as Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), and Diabetes. Our team approach to ensures that our patients are seen by the most appropriate health care provider.

Several members of our team are actually staff of the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network. Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a made-in Alberta approach to improve access to, and better coordinate primary health care for Albertans province-wide. The physicians at CVFP are members of the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (CFPCN), which provides services to the patients of family physicians who are practicing in the northwest of Calgary and the town of Cochrane.

There are many benefits for patients whose physician is a member of a PCN, including access to primary care 24/7, integrated health services including linkages to specialty services, and support for people with complex medical conditions. Membership within the CFPCN also provides access to interdisciplinary team members to facilitate comprehensive care, these additional professionals on our care teams include:

Health Management Nurse: This health professional sees patients that predominantly have Diabetes, lipid problems and patients requiring support to make lifestyle changes.  The health management nurse will also work with patients to develop care plans and goal setting.

Pharmacist: Will meet with you to review hypertension management, medication lists, home blood pressure monitoring, and will answer medication questions.

Behavioral Health Consultant: Conducts one on one or group sessions to address sleep problems, stress management, relationship issues, depression and anxiety.

Dietitian: Meets with patients for individual dietary counseling, including diabetes and provides dietary resources for patients. The Dietitian also provides group classes for a variety of dietary questions.

Diabetes Educator: Works together with patients with diabetes who are insulin-dependent, to manage insulin adjustment, and medication monitoring.

Respiratory Educator: Works with asthmatic patients for on-going management and care plan development. There is also a focus on smoking cessation and investigation and management of chronic cough in conjunction with respiratory specialists.

Cognitive Assessment Nurse: Provides cognitive assessments, including screening for dementia and depression.

We are proud of this team; they help us in achieving our overall goal which is to ensure our patients are getting the best care possible from the right professional with our healthcare team.



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