Education and Research

Education and Research

Crowfoot Village Family Practice is an official training site for the University of Calgary Department

Education and Research


Crowfoot Village Family Practice is an official training site for the University of Calgary Department of Family Medicine. We have nine family medicine residents completing the family medicine part of their training with the doctors at CVFP. Each resident will spend two years at our clinic.

What is a resident?

Residents are students who have graduated from Medical school and are now training to become family physicians.

What is a clinical clerk?

Clinical clerks are final year medical students from the University of Calgary.

What are the benefits of having medical learners in the practice?

  • Helps address doctor shortage by promoting Family Medicine to next generation of doctors
  • Collegiality – physicians who teach often enjoy practice more than those who do not teach
  • Residents and clerks are often helpful members of the team – whether it's doing patient assessments, medical searches or chart reviews. Two heads are often better than one!
  • It makes your doctor a better doctor! Learners often bring questions are perspective that help us improve our own practice.
  • Succession- some of our graduating residents have decided to set up long term practices here at CVFP!

Can I refuse to see a Resident or Clinical Clerk?

Yes – by informing our staff when you arrive for your appointment.

The doctors at CVFP are proud to be able to teach and influence our future family physicians!

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Address: Suite 210,
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Phone: 403-239-9733
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